Welcome to my new blogging site. This will serve as my personal space to share my ideas on a variety of issues, primarily the Catholic Faith. I hope everyone enjoys this website!


I can be found at MySpace:




I am also on Facebook:




You can learn much about me there, as I have discussed the type of person I am in much detail in my personal profile. Nevertheless, I will give a few fundamental facts about myself:


I am Miguel Agustín Livas, although most of my friends and co-workers know me as Michael or simply Mike or Mikey. Whichever form of the name is fine by me.


I am currently a part-time employee of Laredo Community College, and hunting for another job so I can start working full time. I am interested in various genres of music, with classical music and Gregorian chant being my favourite (though not the only types I listen to).


I hope to one day visit Europe and hopefully live there. The four countries I truly aspire to visit are: France, England, Spain, and Italy.


I tend to write at a very professional level, and usually in British English rather than the Americanized form of it.



The purpose of this blog is to post articles of various issues of personal interest. This led to the creation of this website. The articles posted in here will at times be formal and elaborate and other times they will remain brief and informal. They will be at times personal and others impersonal. All will reflect an aspect of the person I am.


I hope you enjoy my articles! And do feel free to comment, whether you agree or disagree. It’s always great to hold discussions!



Disagreements with personal opinions expressed herein will be tolerated and welcome provided that they are expressed in a decent, professional, and respectful manner. I welcome and encourage discussions in the articles I will be posting here.


HOWEVER,spam and comments which are rude and disrespectful in any way will not be tolerated and will be deleted promptly. I hold a zero tolerance in that regard.




If you wish to contact me, you can do so via my personal email address:




You are welcome and encouraged to send me comments, questions, suggestions, via email; however, the same policy in regards to comments I uphold in regards to emails: spam and unwelcome comments I will delete and report as spam, and I will block the address of the sender(s).


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