The Purpose of the ‘Disclaimer’

What is the purpose of the Disclaimer that I posted in my website?


The reason is clear and simple: at times, I tend to post personal views and experiences which at times have been known to cause disagreement and even controversy. Sometimes my personal views may not be so controversial in their own right, but because some are defensive of their views and a bit sensitive (both issues which are not always necessarily wrong), my views have been known to cause offence to others.


By writing the Disclaimer I have posted in my website, I am saying that the articles in my personal website reflect my views exclusively and are not necessarily representative in any way (unless otherwise noted) of my friends, family, college or office, or any other individuals or organizations I may in any way be affiliated with.


While many will disagree at times with my personal views on politics, the quality and meaning of poems and short stories which I will occasionally critique, and other matters of similar interest, I do not believe that such should necessarily serve as a basis for division and resentment. I am sure we can all find common ground and we can all logically and peacefully discuss our views, without having to insult each other in the process of doing so.

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