An Aspiration…

Dear Friends:


Since I entered the Roman Catholic Church in January of 2002, I have aspired to enter the seminary. This aspiration to the priesthood has been with me since, especially as I want to work as a chaplain – in the hospitals, nursing homes, the colleges, etc. Unfortunately, although the number was great, it is now diminishing – few priests and friends support me in this aspiration these days.


I hope to be a priest some day. I have heard of men who were ordained to the priesthood late in life – I met one priest who was ordained at 48 years of age, and there have been others who were ordained later in life.


In spite of present apparent opposition to this aspiration of mine, and in spite of the lack of sources or opportunities to attain such a goal, I hope to one day be a priest and serve the Church to the best of my abilities.


Until then, I will continue to work within the Church to better serve the Church where I am. I hope to be one of the greatest biblical and liturgical scholars of my day.




Miguel Agustín Livas


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