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A Response RE: Chain Letters

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A friend recently posted the following text as a bulletin:


He doesn’t exist. It’s just some stupid lie somebody made up to see how many people they could get to repost it. THERE IS NO MATT DAWSON.


If you don’t believe me, just Google it. It’s a HOAX.


This is my response:


Unfortunately my good friend,


While I do wholeheartedly agree with you, the bulletins will never end. The propagation of chain letters with vain promises of misfortune resulting from “breaking the chain”, unfounded promises of charity for children with terminal illnesses, and the termination of email or social network accounts if the individual fails to forward a forged letter by the founder of a major WWW search engine is all a result of what the world of psychology has termed an “obsessive compulsive disorder” from which stems scrupulosity.


The intrigue that this online trash causes in the “subconscious” of the individual results in the ongoing forwarding and modification of such ridiculous forms of communication, no matter how silly they may appear at first to the reader.


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