A Prayer to Our Blessed Mother

A Prayer to Our Blessed Mother


Mother, I come from the turmoil of life, I am exhausted, body and soul.


It is hard to accept peacefully what happens around us in a day of work and struggle. The things we had put so much hope in betray us. People to whom we wish to be kind resist us. And those from whom we seek help try to take advantage of us.


This is why I come to you, Mother, because deep inside me lives an insecure child. But close to you I feel strong and full of confidence. Only the thought of having a mother such as you gives me courage. I fee that your arm supports me and that your hand guides me. I can thus continue on my way undisturbed.


Renew me entirely, so that I may see the beauty of life. Lift me so that I may walk without fear. Give me your hand so that I may always find my way. Bless me so that my presence in the world may be a sign of your blessing. Amen.


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