Dear Friends:


Greetings! Welcome to my new blogging site!


A good number of you will be aware that I blog often at


However, given that I am mainly at college or work, I am at times unable to log in to the aforementioned social network (this being a result of it and similar sites being blocked by the administration for various reasons such as spam, lack of productivity, social networking, and other reasons).


Consequently, I have formed a “Plan B” for my blogging activity, which resulted in the formation of this new blogging site. The name which I have chosen for it is based on work related reasons.


I hope you enjoy this blog. I will post about the following issues:


Personal life (such as work, academic issues, music and ‘celebrity idols’);

Catholic issues (such as theology and scripture);

And political issues (such as war and terrorism).


The articles which I write in here will be posted in my profile, which you are welcome to view:


I hope you all visit regularly as I do tend to write often. Take care & God bless!


Well, this is my first blog entry, and I just wanted to say the following random statements:


I love Gareth Gates! 🙂 Of course, not “love” but he is a great artist! He’s my favourite celebrity so far. He is a 24 year old pop artist from England and I am hoping to meet him some day in person! 😀


Also of interest to me are the following celebrities: Jesse McCartney, Mark Klein, Jacob Nelson, Daniel Luna, and recently, Zac Efron!


These individuals I look forward to meeting some day and talking to.


Best Wishes and Regards,


Miguel Agustin Livas


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  1. Posted 25/11/2008 at 8:05 PM | Permalink

    Hello M.

    Hope you meet your idol one day and may all your dreams come true!

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